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Top tips for your Mermaid themed birthday party!

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Make a SPLASH with your mermaid party!

It’s time to flip those tails, crack open the glitter and celebrate MERMAID style!!

Mermaid party, Mermaid sign, decoration, birthday party, Hana Fiesta
The most basic decorations can create an epic theme

We are so obsessed with birthday parties we are collecting ideas for different themes to help out busy parents needing a creative boost for their kiddo’s special day.

A Mermaid theme is absolutely perfect for a pool party, but if you don’t have a pool, don’t worry! Mermaids can celebrate just as well on land! And if you don’t want to be too specific, many of these ideas could be used for an ‘Underwater’ themed party too!


Paddling Pool or Sprinkler zone – Mermaids live in the ocean, so if your party is in summer, get wet! Tell the kids to bring their swimmers and make sure everyone is wearing sunscreen. Then hand out water pistols, pre-filled water balloons and bubble mix/wands and let them soak each other and water your garden at the same time!

Blues and greens, glitter and metallic for an under the ocean effect – Create an underwater world by using blue and green decorations and a good dose of glitter and metallics. This gives the effect of sunlight on the waves! You can also hang wavy streamers like seaweed and clear balloons like bubbles.

Shells, starfish, seahorse and dolphin motifs – Using these gorgeous underwater creatures, and the shells that fascinate us all as children you can really give the feel of being in a mermaid’s underwater world!

Mermaid party, mermaid balloons, cake, streamers, decorations, birthday party, Hana Fiesta
Using ocean themes, blues and greens can create amazing Mermaid party decorations

Games and Activities:

Bubble pop - use a bubble machine or hand out bubble wands, see who can pop the most bubbles

Octopus - one child is the ‘Octopus’ and the rest line up. When the Octopus shouts ‘Octopus’, the other children must run to the other side of the playing space, while the Octopus tries to tag as many as possible. Any child that gets tagged must stay on the spot where they got tagged and they become seaweed - they can also tag any children that get too close to them but they are not allowed to move from their spot. The winner is the last child not turned into seaweed.

Mermaid Tail Tag - each child gets a scarf to tuck in the back of their pants (if wearing a dress perhaps in the back of the collar) and everyone runs around trying to steal tails. If a child steals a tail they tuck it in their own waistband (they are 'safe' while they are doing this and cannot have their tails stolen until they are tucked in and they start running again). After a few minutes, stop the game and see who has the most tails!

Mermaid cake, mermaid tails, mermaid party, birthday party, Hana Fiesta, children's entertainment
Get the kids to decorate their own mermaid cupcakes

Seafood Buffet (Food!):

An important part of all kids’ parties is the food, and while we recommend healthy options, we also endorse junk food in moderation if it is right for your family! The following foods are perfect for pairing with your Mermaid theme party!

As we know, many kids don’t actually enjoy seafood, but regular food can be made underwater themed with just a little imagination.

Try these mermaid treats for your party:

  • Fishfingers and chips

  • Mermaid Soda (Sparkling water with blue food colouring and edible glitter found with cake decorating items)

  • Starfish SANDwiches - use a large star shaped cookie cutter to cut sandwiches will various fillings

  • DIY mermaid cupcakes - make bowls of blue and green icing, and lay out sprinkles, edible glitter and lollies so the mermaids can decorate and eat their own underwater cupcakes!

Mermaid, child, mermaid party, decoration, dress up, birthday, byron bay, children's entertainer
Your little mermaid will love their party!

We hope these tips have ‘wet’ your creativity for a deep sea party, and if you do throw a mermaid or underwater themed party, tag us on socials (@imaginaryfriendscircus) so we can ‘wave’ at your ‘tails’ from the deep! Haha!

Party on, friends x

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