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Running Away to Join the Circus

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hana Fiesta’s Story

TW: This post contains the subjects of terminal illness / death. Please be advised that whilst the topics are not detailed graphically, this can be triggering for some readers.

When my Dad was given six months to live, I asked him if he had a bucket list.

His answer blew my mind and changed my life. It inspired me to leave the UK, travel to Australia, become a children’s entertainer and train as a circus performer.

His response?

“I don’t need a bucket list. I’ve done everything I want to do in my life.”

And it was true. He spent his remaining time living his day to day life – going to the supermarket, playing with his granddaughter, going for drinks with friends. He didn’t feel the need to do anything spectacular because he was content with what he had done.

How many of us dream of having this response at the end of our lives? But how many of us could say this today?

I had a dream of being a performer, I was enthralled by the circus, I set out to live my dream. It wasn’t always easy, especially with the weight of grief on me when my wonderful Dad left this life, but it has been worth every moment.

I learned the art of children’s entertainment from a dear friend, and began to do birthday parties, family days, festivals and kid’s discos.

Hana Fiesta's first day of circus school!

In 2019 I trained at the National Institute of Circus Arts Australia (NICA) where I specialised in juggling. I also taught circus skills at NICA and several other community circus schools. After graduating, I worked on the Spirit of Tasmania as their onboard entertainer and performed for the families on the ship.

I created the show ‘Hana Fiesta’s Great Ocean Adventure’ – a 30 minute production suitable for inside and outside performances and am always thrilled to share this mixture of circus, magic and silliness with my audiences.

Hana Fiesta working on Spirit of Tasmania

I went from learning how to juggle three balls from videos on the internet to performing juggling routines in front of packed audiences. I created characters to MC circus shows, learned how to rap for a circus hip hop performance and choreographed routines.

I am constantly learning new ways of teaching children and entertaining and gaining infinite joy from the kids I work with. I strive to give them the confidence, above all else, to believe that each person is worthy of achieving their potential and living their wildest dreams.

The life less ordinary that I am fortunate enough to lead did not come to me by chance, or by accident. I have created it intentionally and wish to share this message with children and adults alike:

You can achieve your dreams. It isn’t too late; nothing is impossible.

The pursuit of your dream life may difficult but gosh it is worth it!

Our time on this incredible Earth is limited, but our dreams are not. Follow them, chase them, live them whole-heartedly and unashamedly!

If we live our truth every day, in every decision we make, and encourage others to do the same, we can reach the end of our time and confidently say:

“I don’t need a bucket list. I’ve done everything I want to do in my life.”

Party on, friends x

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