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Peeking out of the Infinite Lockdown Loop

Hana Fiesta's excited thoughts on the easing of restrictions...

Today is the 12 April 2021. Do you know what this means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS??! Today is the next stage of the UK reopening after two hundred million years of lockdown!!

Ok ok, it’s been a few months. But before that it was several weeks in tier 3 for those of us in Portsmouth followed by the tier 4 that cancelled Christmas. Before the tiers we had a ‘circuit breaker’ month of lockdown. We enjoyed the ‘new normal’ last summer but only after a long lockdown and staged re-opening process. The infinite lockdown loop.

But no longer! From today we can go to the gym! We can shop for non-essential items! We can drink a coffee sat outside a café, we can visit a spa or a zoo, get a haircut. We can visit the library or go on holiday with our families in self-contained accommodation (if we haven’t had enough of them by now!)

There are so many things I am excited about today. I can’t wait to get back to the gym and lift some heavy weights – strengthening my body is so important! And while I have enjoyed at home yoga, for me there’s nothing quite like sweating under a heavy barbell until my muscles shake. Then I want a massage for my muscles that have been stretch and squashed and cramped throughout lockdown in my COVID job (in a warehouse – read more about it here) and from not training them.

I want to browse a public library instead of the Kindle store. I want to hold the books and enjoy the feel of them in my hands. I want to enjoy my barista coffee sat with said library book instead of slurping from an environmentally damaging to-go cup as I walk along the blustery seafront!

I want to browse the charity shops for some new clothes. I have said goodbye to many of mine these past months through wearing them out or deciding they weren’t bringing me joy (thanks Marie Kondo!) Now it’s time to refine my style again and bask in the confidence of an awesome new outfit – and having somewhere to wear it other than around the house!

Drinking a coffee in a ceramic cup, in the cafe rooftop garden - pure bliss!

Your children may even be going back to dance classes or other sports. You might be going to parent and baby groups again. These classes provide essential social and developmental activities in COVID-secure spaces which are monitored for the safety of participants in accordance with the most up to date government COVID guidelines.

Imaginary Friends Circus has considered running educational circus workshops at this time, but we have decided to wait until private birthday parties and events are allowed to go ahead again. As much as we can’t wait to see you all, the hiring of a COVID-secure venue or the reliability on weather for an outdoor space is just not in our power for the moment. We are using this time to work on skills, shows and ideas to provide bigger and better entertainment for your parties in the future!

Imaginary Friends Circus will be back before you know it!

Two weeks ago, we were again able to be with up to 5 other people in outdoor spaces. I am lucky enough to live near family and have been able to spend time with them. 4 generations of us can now socialise together, catching up on all the news from each other’s lives, laughing and bantering together.

This gives me hope for the future, perhaps this really was the last lockdown. Perhaps we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Many people I know here have already had their first vaccination.

With each tentative step out of lockdown I give thanks again and again to the healthcare and essential workers who have worked tirelessly through this pandemic. I give thanks for my health and my privilege of living in a country with free, accessible healthcare. I am grateful my family has been largely unscathed by COVID-19 and I am reflective of the perspective this time and ‘lockdown lifestyle’ has given me to enjoy the little things in life – like seeing my family and enjoying time in nature.

Keep following the guidelines and be safe out there as we take the next steps out of lockdown. And enjoy your haircut/ workout/ coffee… I bet it’s the best one yet!

Party on, friends x

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