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Relocating Countries in a Pandemic A.K.A Return to Oz

An update to our world-travel pandemic journey, epic adventure and return to solid ground after moving countries.

Moving across the world not new to me

Moving across the world is not new to me. In 2016 I made the journey from the UK to Australia, where I stayed for four years as a backpacker and then a student. With impeccable timing, my student visa expired in March 2020. My partner and I had booked a two week holiday in Bali before planning to make our way to the UK for a ‘holiday’ - for me to touch base with my homeland, hang out with family and decide what to do next about not having access to the country that my beloved is a citizen of. The universe decided for us. Covid hit on a global level as we sat by the deserted pool in Bali.

Hana Fiesta, children's entertainer, online zoom disco from Bali
Ready for Zoom discos from Bali!

Australia very quickly closed its borders to non-residents and we knew if we separated we wouldn’t see each other for months. Hindsight now tells us it would have been nearly two years. We decided to isolate in Bali for two months until we could travel back into the UK as their lockdown restrictions eased. We moved in with my generous mum for six weeks before restrictions allowed us to look for our own place.

Luckily, my love had remote work, and the UK government showed its guests far more kindness and leniency than Australia by giving my love visa extensions based on her inability to get home - all flights from UK to Australia were now being cancelled and extenuating circumstances were required to travel.

No birthday parties!

We bunkered down in the UK, through many versions of lockdowns which mostly meant NO BIRTHDAY PARTIES!! I worked socially distanced nightshift in an Amazon warehouse for months before live entertainment was allowed again.

During our long winter lockdown, we completed our partner visa application and submitted it to the Australian government. One month later, I had my grubby little hands on a new visa and my heart was filled with hope and joy that our little family would not be separated. Now began the waiting game.


We watched the changing landscape of the different countries responses to Covid. Eventually, after 20 months away from Australia, cancelled flights, dozens of forms, a handful of PCR tests, isolations and a teary family goodbye, we made it back to my love’s home. And we are here to stay!

Fun, family, children's entertainment, summer
It was hard to say goodbye to family

Being settled in one place is a huge relief to me. It’s a feeling I have not had for six years. Being transient used to be such an adventure for me, a real thrill to know I could just move to a new place whenever I wanted. But Covid changed that. I have faced so much uncertainty, and isolated in many temporary accommodations I am ready to set down roots. I’m ready to carve a little place in this world that feels stable and predictable.

What does this mean for Imaginary Friends Circus?

Hana Fiesta, childrens entertainer, disco party
Hana Fiesta, back and ready to party!

I, Hana Fiesta, and my entertainment business ‘Imaginary Friends Circus’ are now in one place for the foreseeable future! I can take bookings in advance, I can provide better customer service from my settled soul, I can focus on creating a business that provides value to my customers big and small, I can be the best role model to kids now I am more sure of myself and my truth, and I can be a part of my community. No more temporary vibes, I’m here for sure and I’m ready to play!

Party on, friends x

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