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Introducing Imaginary Friends: Betty the Unicorn!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Who is Betty?

Very good question. Betty is a giant purple unicorn, and a central team member of Imaginary Friends Circus. In fact, you could say she is an imaginary friend.

Betty began life in a HUGE claw grab arcade machine in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. She was the only giant purple unicorn in a sea of giant pink unicorns. And I knew she was meant to be mine. Sure enough, one attempt and she dropped from the giant claw into my arms.

Betty even travelled across the world during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, spending three months at sea between Australia and the UK before we were finally reunited. Thank goodness she doesn’t get seasick!!

Betty is kind and loving, but she is also very silly and cheeky! She loves to go on adventures and make friends. Her favourite food is cupcakes and her favourite thing to do is cuddle! She loves to travel and hopes to visit lots of fun places when the pandemic is over.

Betty has big aspirations for her entertainment career, including her own TV series. Her dream collaboration is with The Wiggles and she often practises her dance moves in front of the mirror.

Watch this space for more Betty Adventures!

Party on, friends x

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