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Hey Hey we're the Mankees...

An introduction to the pocket-sized cheeky monkeys who will steal your heart!

“Let’s start a band!” Monkey squealed on seeing the guitar.

“A band?” Said his brother Mankey, “We only have the one guitar!”

Monkey laughed and jumped high up onto the instrument. Mankey followed, swinging from the strings with his tail and letting out a TWANG sound.

“It’ll take us both to play this huge guitar!” Said Monkey, “I think that makes us a band.”

All day and night the Monkeys played their guitar, until it finally began to sound like music rather than noise. It was time to take their unique sound into the world. There was just one more thing they needed to do.

“We have to pick a band name, and apparently the Monkees is already taken.” Said Monkey sadly.

After some moments of silence, Mankey eventually hit on an idea…

“What about the Mankees?” He said.

And thus, a new cover band was created. Interestingly though, they only played songs by Bananarama.

Party on, friends x

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