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Top tips for your Circus themed birthday party!

Circus party, ringmaster, birthday party
Roll up, Rollup to the Greatest Party on Earth!

Roll up! Roll up! Follow our party theme ideas for an awesome circus party!!

We are so obsessed with birthday parties we are collecting ideas for different themes to help out busy parents needing a creative boost for their kiddo’s special day.

clown hat, entertainment, birthday party
Even just a colourful hat can bring a circus vibe!

In case you hadn’t guessed, a Circus themed party is our favourite!! We love to pretend we are celebrating under the big top! Some kids love to dress to the theme – sparkly leotards, clowns, lions, mini-ringmasters in top hats. We adore seeing your little ones in their circus best! Tag us in any circus dress up pictures on Facebook or Instagram (@imaginaryfriendscircus) and we will send you a special treat!

Whether it’s vintage, Greatest Showman or Cirque du Soleil that inspires you, here are some ideas to theme your party like the Greatest Show on Earth:


Red and white or red and yellow decorations – This could be as simple as streamers, paper hanging decorations or table cloths, to a full mini circus tent in your garden! The key is bright and bold colours and plenty of stripes!

Bunting – With bunting, we always say more is more! It’s easy to find paper bunting in the party aisle of many supermarkets and party stores, or you could support independent artists and buy gorgeous hand sewn bunting streams on Etsy or similar websites.

Animals – Not the real thing! (unless your family pet enjoys wearing a waistcoat and top hat, in which case PLEASE send us photos!) Traditionally, circuses travelled with exotic animals to showcase to their audiences. Perhaps you have some stuffed toy elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys you could prop around your party area to set the tone?

Hay Bales / Striped Gazebo – If you are going ‘all out’ you can get some hay bales for seating and striped gazebos to set up food and games underneath. This would give an authentic traditional circus feel to your party!

Circus party, table. cake, balloons, birthday
Colourful balloons, banners or animal cut outs can bring the circus theme to your party

Games and Activities:

Tightrope Walking – Chalk on concrete or a long rope on the grass or indoor floor can be used for ‘tightrope walking’. Giving ‘balancing sticks’ (I use sparkly magic wands!) to younger kids can encourage their concentration. For older kids, see if they can do cool tricks like jumping and spinning in the air before landing back on the ‘wire’, or for the gymnastically inclined, cartwheels!

‘Hook a duck’ – Use a paddling pool in the garden, rubber ducks and a fishing net with prizes for all!

Ring toss – Set up targets like bottles filled with sand or water to make them heavy and give rings you’ve bought or made to be thrown over the bottle from a distance. Encourage lots of cheering!!

pink yellow blue ducks carnival game birthday party
Classic 'hook a duck' is easy to make at home

Pin the red nose on the clown – Like the classic ‘Pin the tale on the Donkey’: make or purchase a picture of a clown and give each child a red card circle with their name on (the nose) and with Blu-tack on the back. One by one each child is blindfolded and spun in a circle before placing the nose on the clown. The one who is closest is the winner.

Strong man/ woman photos – Set up a space where guests can lift a fake or inflatable weight bar (these can be bought online) and have their photo taken. You could also supply false moustaches to wear for an authentic ‘strong man’ vibe.

Hana Fiesta’s clown school – Hana Fiesta can be hired for your Circus Party! I can run circus workshops or teach ‘Clown school’, complete with red noses!

Concession Stand (food!)

An important part of all kids’ parties is the food, and while we recommend healthy options, we also endorse junk food in moderation if it is right for your family! The following foods are perfect for pairing with your Circus theme party!

Fairy floss, candy floss, cotton candy, sugar, snacks, carnival, girl
Give your party that carnival smell with candy floss!

  • Hot dogs

  • Popcorn buckets

  • Candy Floss

  • Chips/ pretzels

  • Dipped apples (chocolate and sprinkles is our fave!!)

These are our top tips for your Circus themed party. If you have any more ideas, please do comment below. And if you throw a Circus themed party, tag us on socials (@imaginaryfriendscircus) so we can see your Greatest Party on Earth!

Party on, friends x

Hana Fiesta signature, childrens entertainer

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