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80th Birthday Celebrations

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

An end in sight for UK lockdown!

How the sun came to celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions this week! Those of you in the UK will understand what a relief it is to FINALLY see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

As of yesterday, it is now allowed for six people to meet socially distanced outdoors. In two weeks we will see non-essential shops and gyms open. Then another month later more restrictions will be lifted, and eventually in June 2021 when most of our population has been vaccinated, we may be living our normal lives again!

We have endured a long winter lockdown. Christmas was cancelled for many. We have isolated, we have lost loved ones, we have worried over the physical and mental health of our communities. But we still hold HOPE.

The best parties include puppy cuddles!

My dear Nan turned 80 today, though you wouldn’t believe it - she has such youthful energy. She has most missed going out dancing during COVID lockdowns, and like all of us, missed spending time with family. We celebrated her birthday and the first step out of this eternal lockdown by having a six-person socially distanced garden party!

Like all the best birthday parties there were the three ‘B’s: banners, balloons and bunting! There was also cake and of course, hand sanitiser! The sun came out to shine, my sister brought her new puppy dog, we laughed and talked as a family once again. We passed presents over the 2 metre chasm and put the hugs and kisses in the ‘post-COVID affection bank’ for redeeming at a much later date.

In true Hana Fiesta style, I knew I had to do something extra special to celebrate my Nan’s big day (especially as she couldn’t have the huge dance party that she wanted). So I created a new act especially for her to enjoy for her 80th birthday.

Hana Fiesta Performing at Nan's Birthday

Performing for the first time in over a year was exhilarating, and a little nerve wracking! Fortunately, it was just like riding a bicycle and Nan loved it! Now there’s a new number for you to look out for in my repertoire, Nan’s 80th birthday commemoration: The Juggling Jive!

Enjoy the eased restrictions everybody, but please, stay safe! Keep your distance and wash your hands, and we will be closer than ever again before we know it.

Party on, friends x

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